Why Us

* 400 hectars of orchards
* BRC certificate
* All shareholders with IP certificate
* Global G.A.P. certificate
* All our supliers have valid certificate of analysis refering pesticides for Russian Federation
* ULO Storage
* Sorting refering clients requirements
* Packagings refering cliets requirements
* Fast deliveries in Europe and Asia

How we work

* Quality control and preparation for sorting (variety and origin)
* Sorting refering clients requirements (size, coloration, hidden defects)
* Quality control of sorted goods
* Packing refering clients requirements (type of packaging)
* Labeling refering clients requirements (text on label, size of label)
* Quality of prepared goods before loading
* Storing of prepared goods in cold room
* Deliveries to customers using our own transport


Bialski Owoc Sp. z o.o is the producer group founded in 2010 uniting 30 growers of fruits and vegetables.

Our shareholders are specialized in production of high quality fruit and vegetables with a predominance of apples. They are well trained growers with long experience in fruit and vegetables production.

Bialski Owoc is located in Biała Rawska. It is a picturesque neighborhood, famous for its fruit crops mainly apple. Convenient location in the center of Polish facilitates cooperation with Polish and foreign contractors. The unique climate of the Biała Rawska makes the fruit and vegetables produced here have a characteristic color and unique flavor.

Our passion are fruits.